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Scsi Cd Drive

This vintage philips h external cd-rom Drive is an unrivaled buy! It is still in splendid condition and is still working including the Drive motor, this Drive gives an 50-pin cd-rom port and can access cds and dvds using the 50-pin port. This Drive is still in excellent condition and is still working including the Drive motor.

Scsi Cd Drives

The toshiba cd rom Drive is a valuable surrogate for individuals that need to access cd data stored on a computer, the Drive grants a memory type and provides data storage up to 2 tb. It is furthermore airtight and moisture resistant, this panasonic portable cd-rw rom Drive is a sensational way for individuals who covet a small, effortless to adopt and lightweight drive. The Drive comes with an 10-port card reader, so you can easily add one in to your system, the Drive also supports which gives you the ability to operate your pc to manage cd-rs and cds. The panasonic portable cd-rw rom Drive is excellent foruse in a printing or data entry process, the yamaha s is a cd Drive that provides facile access to your favorite content from a distance. With its data-eating nicks and all, the s is best-in-the-class for individuals who desiderate to access their content no matter where they are, whether you're streaming data from your computer to a phone or tablet, the s is sure to make your work process easier. This apple computer 600 i internal 50-pin cd-rom Drive for parts is top-rated for and other software applications that need to be stored on a cd medium, the Drive includes an 50-pin cd-rom port, as well as an internal 1-inch tft color monitor port. The Drive also features a built-in 1-gbata reader, allowing data storage in full-height disks, finally, the Drive also features a self-powered spinning black motor, making it uncomplicated to adopt with a hand-held power supply.